Our Project


HKCEC is out first installation site in Hong Kong. Three units of WA62C WindArc Outdoor Street Lights were installed at the Expo Drive entrance in August 2015. The units provide evening lighting for the area.

Sheung Shui

To enhance the purchasing, installing and maintenance experience of our clients, ATAL Engineering Group became Robin energy Limited's authorised dealer in Hong Kong. The  WA62C WindArc Outdoor Street Light unit installed at the outdoor leisure area on the 5/F of Landmark North is the first collaboration between Robin Energy Limited and ATAL Engineering Group.

The client was first concerned about the low power output due to the insufficient wind resource in the installation site. However, with the patented magnetic resistance free generator and the unique wind blade design, electricity is efficiently generated even in low wind speeds. This has been a breakthrough on the hypothesis of wind energy can only be generated in sufficient and high wind resource sites in the past.


In 2017, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department had a lighting units replacement project at the EMSD Headquarters main entrance, in which the replaced lighting units shall be energy efficient and environmental friendly. Three units of WA62C WindArc Outdoor Street Lights were thus installed for this project as our lighting systems fit the needs and requirements of EMSD.

After running this project for a year, EMSD has shown satisfaction to our products and services and has given us a letter of appreciation to ensure the product quality.


As HACTL is located in Chak Lap Kok, the wind resource is abundant and sufficient for wind energy generation. Therefore, a WA80F WindArc Outdoor Street Light unit was installed alongside the road.

Tsing Yi

This project is located at a Community Green Station in Tsing Yi organised by Environmental Protection Department. The Community Green Station scheme was started in 2014 by EPD to promote the environmental awareness and education of the neighourhood and to improve the recycling of different materials. The installed unit not only provide practical lighting but also educates the citizens of the importance of renewable energy usage.


The Victoria Skye, as the landmark of Kai Tak development area, is nearby several shopping malls and private properties. Installation of street lights in Victoria Skye helps provide lighting systems for local residential buildings which brings environmental elements for economic development.

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